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Hello Brilliant Game Changer!

As a media coach to national and international title holders, CEOs, Doctors, Speakers, Best Selling Authors, and On-Air Personalities, I’ve learned a lot about people and what makes them feel the most confident and at ease on camera.

As a face and media consultant for household names in the lifestyle, travel, wellness and personal development space, I’ve also gained insider secrets from decades of hosting, directing, and producing content aired on TV and syndicated radio networks like HGTV, The Food Network, OWN, Hallmark Channel, PBS, iHeartRadio, K-LOVE, Bible Gateway, and Focus on the Family.

I’m Cindy ChristI and helping you GET MEDIA READY is my passion!

What I’ve discovered is that individuals with passion and PURPOSE CAN only go so far without a well defined mission and message, and that BRANDS with perfectly polished exteriorS will fade without CLARITY, VISION, FOCUS and integrity. 

I’ve also come to realize that you and I, WE are BRANDS, and we have stories. And if we want to make a difference we NEED the MEDIA and guess what? The media needs us! 

YOU and your message are why I’ve created my “Get Media Ready” 7 Step Process and Legacy Maker Academy. I'm here to help you identify and align your mission and message with your core DNA (Driving Natural Abilities) so you can confidently step up to the mic, infront of the camera and into the spotlight.

Become the GREATEST version of YOU and achieve the influence and IMPACT you have always dreamed of!

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The best toys I ever played with were construction paper, cardboard boxes, crayons, markers, tape recorders and camcorders. When others were busy playing Barbie I was building forts, sets, puppet theaters, role-playing and recording commercials. 

Move over Barbie, I’ve got a camcorder!

My first cast and crew was made up of 2 sisters, 4 neighbors, 27 chickens, a dog, a guinea pig and 2 rabbits. We produced shows in our backyard, front yard, chicken coop and anywhere our imaginations took us. My dad never knew if he would come home to kids covered in dust, mud or talcum powder! 

Lights, Camera, A-Chew!

My mom moved to the states from a tiny island in Japan. She has since created her own mix of English and hybrid words that are simply a-dorable. For example when I say good night to her she replies: "I LOVE YOU PIE" and when she is addressing more than one of us she refers to us all as "PIES" (short for her sweetie pies)

Precious Mommy-ism: 

My husband and I met at Kincaid’s chaperoned by both of my parents! Mom, dad and I were having lunch with dear friends. Mark was there and delivered a round of limoncellos to our table. It wasn't until months later that he asked me on our first date, but we both agree it was definitely love...at first sip!

How I Met Mark - Limoncello Anyone?

Our mystery date started out with a misty walk to Kincaid's on the Pier. After our first course, Mark got down on one knee, asked me to be his wife and invited his daughter to the table. THAT's when the proposal became epic and my heart overflowed onto my cheeks. Thankful for the best happy tears and walk in the clouds I’ll never forget!

The Proposal - A Walk in the Clouds

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With my Get Media Ready coaching programs, I help creators, influencers and leaders like you define your brand vision and articulate it with intention, clarity and ease so you can lead empowered conversations, secure aligned collaborations, and achieve more yeses!!! 

Bring the GREATEST version of YOU to the stage, the camera and the limelight to achieve the IMPACT you have always dreamed of.

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